Blogging Design Contest

9 02 2009

We’ve teamed up with the crew at Infectious for the first-ever “I ❤ Blogging” design contest!

Infectious laptop design contest

Show off your creative talent and express why you love blogging (and WordPress) through an original design, to be printed and sold on laptop and iPhone skins to adoring bloggers everywhere.

Winning designs will be sold in the Infectious store and shown off on the backs of laptops and iPhones the world over. Winners are chosen by community vote on Infectious, with the final say made by an all-star judging panel: Matt Mullenweg, Matt Thomas, Derek Powazek, and Team Infectious.

Check out the awesome prizes in store for the winners (that could be you!):

Grand Prize Winner will receive:

Other Winners will receive:

  • $100 cash
  • $400 of Infectious products
  • WordPress t-shirts
  • 5% of net sales from the skin design

The contest begins today and ends on March 31, giving you plenty of time to get those gears working and submit your design for consideration. Click here to get started.




13 responses

9 02 2009

pengen ikoot.,, tp saya tidak tau daftarnya pake apa,,,
saya doakan aja deh Pak adriyanto menang disana,

12 02 2009

Visiting… thx for post, smile 4u 🙂

17 02 2009

Weh…keren…ikutan ah….

Btw, saya pemilik Rystiono 2.0E, blog ini udah aku tutup…

Sekarang pindah di link yang aku pake buat comment.

18 02 2009

wah pingin ikut.. tapi apa bisa ya?

18 02 2009

ikut kontes ini to?
semoga menang yak….

ngiler ama hadiahnya si,,tp ndak bisa ndisain 😛

19 02 2009

Sama Mbak Ane Juga Nggak Bisa Disain….Cuma Bisa Posting Aja 😀

19 02 2009

Ok Mas…Menuju TKP.

20 02 2009
mbak maya

It’s a nice blog. Salam kenal ya….

23 02 2009

mampir…wah asyik neeh kontesnya !! tapi….bisa ga ya ?

3 03 2009
pemancar fm

tunjukin cara bikin blog

3 03 2009
pemancar fm

butuh pemancar fm

3 03 2009

salam kenal dari urang padang…

24 03 2009

hi guys

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